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From our Phthalate-free production in Canada, where continuous sustainability initiatives have already underpinned our environmental promises, to our ambitious plans for greater & greener achievements, Morbern’s ethos is one of total commitment to the planet:
help protect and preserve our children’s tomorrows while meeting our clients’ needs today.

Morbern continually looks for ways to reduce
the environmental impact of its products and processes:

We were among the first manufacturers of coated fabrics to completely eliminate heavy metals such as lead and cadmium from our production.
We ensure that the water flowing out at the end of the manufacturing process is clean enough to drink and new closed-loop cooling circuits installed in 2016 reduced our water consumption by more than 75%.
We are fully committed to better controlling our emissions and improving the air quality of our surrounding community. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) water-based top coat finishes have now replaced most solvent formulations.
Most of Morbern products are phthalate-free, using bio-based renewable ingredients derived from soya beans.
Our dedicated second-quality team redirects material to other markets and applications so that it is kept out of landfill sites.
Morbern products are REACH and RoHS compliant.
99% of the energy (hydroelectric power) used by the Morbern production plant is renewable
Morbern is committed to achieve ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management certification by end of 2020

Morbern’s wide product range includes green PVCs: free of phthalates, fire- & anti-bacterial additives, coated on recycled backing fabrics.

PVC is a sustainable product because…

  • Easily recyclable and energy-efficient to manufacture
  • Low consumer of non-renewable resources
  • Offers durable, long life-cycle solutions reducing the need for constant product replacement

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Greener Future Commitment

Coated fabrics – also known as Vegan Leather – are an ethical alternative to animal hides that require a lot of energy and chemicals to be converted into leather.


Since 2015, some Contract & Healthcare projects in North America have started specifying materials without flame-retardant (FR) additives.

At the request of the design community, Morbern created Maverick, a durable FR-free vinyl with a simple leather texture. 

Today, to meet a growing demand for greener living and eco-friendly solutions, Morbern has expanded its FR-free product range and launched a MorGreen collection at Neocon 2019, Chicago.

Thanks to their inherent flame-retardant properties, some FR-free coated fabrics still comply with the EN1021 (Parts 1 & 2) European fire standard. This range includes Eden FRee.

Contact us to find out how MorGreen could help shape the future of coated fabrics around the world.